UTurn- Single Cup Turner plus 2 Cup Chucks


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This sleek, compact & ready to use turner is everything you’ve been looking for! You simply secure your turner where you desire and it is ready to go! Includes Turner PLUS two Cup Chucks of your choice. Some of the incredible features:

-Convenient flexible light
-Silicone covered switches
-PVC OR rotisserie rod compatible

*Colors may vary based on what we have on hand.

Included with this ready to use product:

3D printed Turner
2x 3/4in PVC wands
Screws to secure turner
Power cord
Flexible Light
Please Note: Turner MUST be secured to a flat surface to work properly. We provide screws to secure it to a flat surface or you can use command strips more a more temporary option.

Instructions: Place turner on a flat surface. There are 3 screw holes on the turner, using the screws provided screw down the turner to your surface. For a temporary option, you can use command strips (not included) to secure the turner to a flat surface.

**We believe in our product. Should you have any issues with the UTurn we offer a 15 day return policy on our turners. After the 15 day return period, this product is NOT eligible.


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