Sublimation Transfers


These ready to press sublimation transfers offer endless possibilities on what you can create! You simply need a heat press (an easy press will work, though a heat press is highly recommended) heat resistant tape, and your project. For best results, 100% Polyester material is recommended, but you can go as low as 50% polyester to obtain a more faded/vintage look. These designs will NOT show up on dark colors.

FILES- To see all designs we have available, please use the link below for my Google Drive. The images are categorized and numbered. When ordering, in the text field please only list the EXACT file number(s) listed in the drive. Watermark will NOT be on the transfer.  

>>>>>>Google Drive <<<<<<<

Please Note: These are a physical product that will be mailed to you, not a digital image.  The colors on your screen/monitor may vary slightly and can appear dull on the transfer, but will appear vibrant when pressed.

-You will need a heat press(an easy press will work, you just need to be extra cautious that when lifting the press and re pressing the transfer does not shift.)

– The shirt/fabric must be a light colored fabric. Darker colors such as black, Navy and Charcoal will not show up.

-These transfers will not print white, If there is any white in the the image it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.
-The color on the transfer may appear dull but will become vibrant when pressed.

How To Press:

1. Heat Press to 380* (Temperature may vary based on your heat press, you will need to adjust settings accordingly)
2. Line up transfer face down onto your shirt, use heat resistant tape to secure the transfer to your shirt. 
3. Put butcher paper/parchment paper between the inside of your shirt and on top of your transfer before you press.
4. Press for 60 seconds.
If the transfer is moved even slightly and you repress, the design will blur. Be sure your transfer is secured to your project and be cautious when lifting and pressing the heat press.


Mug- 3in (6 per page)
Toddler- 8in
Youth- 9in
Adult- 10in
Blanket/XL/2XL- 11in
*These sizes are approximate and will vary based on the design.
For custom designs, please email me at or message us on Facebook and we are happy to help! I can print up to 11×17 so if you are looking for larger prints, let me know!


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