Social Media Silicone Mold- 5 pack


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Looking for a way to spruce up your business? Toss aside those business cards and make a personalized business keychain you can take anywhere! With our silicone molds you can make your own keychain customized to your favorite colors. Simply add an NFC tag while adding your epoxy to easily promote your business and instantly gain new followers!

This is for a 5 pack of Silicone molds. NFC Tags are NOT included and must be purchased separate. Please double check size and styles before submitting order. 

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship.

*These are matte finish molds. 

This listing is for a 5 pack of Silicone Molds. Please be sure to double check size and styles are correct when ordering.

Please Note: These items are handmade and as such may contain imperfections/flaws. 

Please allow 7-10 business days to ship.

No refunds or returns on this item.

These are the NFC tags I use. You can select whichever works best for you, there are many options available! For the NFC tags, a few tips to know:

  • You will need to program the NFC tag to open your link, I recommend researching videos on how to do this as there are multiple options available, depending on your device.  This process should be pretty simple and can be done from an iPhone or Android phone. We used an app called NFC Tools, but other apps are available. 
  • In order for the NFC tag to read properly, the device needs to be unlocked and the NFC setting on the device must be enabled. 

All social media designs were found here:


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