Dry Docks


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Need somewhere to place your freshly painted tumbler? Our lightweight efficient 3D printed dry stands are perfect for an easy tumbler curing station! Instead of clogging up your turner space by allowing the cup to cure while remaining on the turner, once the epoxy has hardened (typically 3-5 hours, depending on the brand) remove your PVC wand from the turner and simply insert it directly onto the stand!  The stand provides a secure, snug fit so your PVC wand will not wobble or fall over.

*Please Note: Stands MUST be secured down to a flat surface.

Please see the variation pictures when selecting type to ensure you chose the appropriate size.

To secure, simple lay the stand on a flat surface, using the screws provided screw down the stand onto your surface. Be sure to use a  completely flat and level surface to ensure stability.

While we highly recommend using our Cup Chucks with this product, they are not required. You’ll need to be sure what you are using inside your cup is firmly inside the cup, to avoid the cup from falling over or sitting unevenly.

*Colors may vary based on what we have on hand. 

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