Craft Crate- Sweater Weather


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This months theme for our Craft Crate is Sweater Weather! 

How it works:

Everything you will need to create the craft of the month is included in the box, this months craft includes a tumbler and a lid topper! The rest remains a mystery! No pictures will be posted until after all boxes have been shipped.

Misc supplies such as measuring cups, stir sticks, gloves and other small items are not included and can be purchased separately.

Once boxes have shipped, an email will be sent with a link for the Youtube tutorial showing you how to create this months DIY Craft!

*Please be sure to select your wand/rod size for your turner arm as customized items may be included in certain crates.

No additional discounts can be applied to this product. 

This is a standalone product and must be purchased individually. 

This product will ship on 09/30.

Be sure to join our Facebook Group for additional details and updates!

Items you will want to have on hand for the project:

Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Cups

Stir Stick/Popsicle sticks

Silicone Mat

Baby Wipes/Alcohol wipes

91% Alcohol

Cup Turner

NO refunds, returns or exchanges on this product.


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