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Trying to figure out how to turn your glitter pens on the turner? What about straw cases too? With our new 3D printed Clip Chucks we’ve got you covered! Our design allows you to clip & go, with the dowel rod covered in silicone to avoid accidental epoxy spills!  Simply clip right into the Chuck Base and you are ready for use! Our Easy handle is included so you can work on a single pen at a time and then clip it right into the base when your ready!

What’s included:

3D printed Chuck Base

12 Clips(dowel & silicone piece come attached with pen clips)

Easy Handle(can be weighted down with pennies!)

Select “Pen” option for the Pen Clips or select “Straw” option for the Hogg stainless straw case clips.

Colors may vary based on what we have on hand.

Check out our instructional video here:

Our Clip Chucks are designed to fit the Papermate Inkjoy gel pens & Hogg Stainless Steel Straw cases, we can not guarantee they will fit other brand/styles. If you are interested in an adapter for a different brand/style please message us & we can see what we can do!

*Colors may vary based on what we have on hand.

How to determine what size pvc/rod to select- Please follow the diagram below




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